Kjente feil og mangler / Known issues

Known issues after the Kiev release in production (2017-11-22)

  1. Blacklist
  2. Issues with the web-client
  3. Issues with issuer-protocols
  4. Issues with screen readers
  5. Issues with legacy clients
  6. Issues with BankID J/C-server
  7. Issues with client-proxy


Some versions of operating systems and browsers have known issues which make them incompatible with the BankID clients. These versions are blocked from using the client, and an updated version of the blacklist can be found at: https://www.bankid.no/bedrift/utvikler/blacklist/

Issues with the web-client

BIDW-2177 On HTC One devices using Android 4.4.3 and Stock browser, the header of a UDD is not shown if first displayed in portrait mode. If the device is tilted into landscape mode, the header appears and stays if the device is tilted back into portrait.
BIDW-2344 IOS: It is not possible to check the checkbox stating that the contents of data to be signed is understood while scrolling a document during signing
BIDW-2371 Long load time when using IE and docDisplayMode=window
BIDW-2585 Soft keyboard doesn’t activate Next button in the UserID dialogue. This happens on Andriod tablets when input field of type ‘tel’ (numeric keyboard)
BIDW-2589 Redirect on IE11 does not work when IE’s Trusted sites security levels are set to High
BIDW-2610 Client is not loaded with redirect in IE9 on certain trusted sites levels
NFOI-596 Mini mode GUI: iphone 4S is missing the lower line on frame and cuts part of emplyeeID
NFOI-602 Character set not defined at merchant can result in errors in the presentartion of the client.
NFOI-107 When performing a signing of PDF documents on iOS Safari, cases of flickers and uneven scrolling may occur.
NFOI-128 On some iPhone versions (mostly 4 and 5) input fields may partly be covered by the soft keyboard.
NFOI-144 frameMode=window does not work on any versions of Internet Explorer. It is recommended to avoid this combination, see BankID Web-client Merchant Application Frontend Considerations.pdf in the release documentation.
NFOI-156 The Web-client does not remember information about last the used BankID when more two or more BankIDs belong to the same OTP-service for a user.
NFOI-169 Large XML-documents are not scrollable using the keyboard
NFOI-321 Document empty footer in Error dialog when a BROADCAST message is presented.
NFOI-452 Rare decoding error between COI and Web-client (BID-NaN). This bug has been reproduced when COI isn't able to interpret a message from the Web-client.
NFOI-792 Download PDF functionality does not work on older versions on Android Chrome/Samsung Internal browser.
NFOI-793 In HA2.0 Idle Screen a back arrow is shown, but a 'Choose other BankID' is not. This is incorrect. The link should be shown.
SIGN2-332 Issues with rendering of PDF documents containing XFA

Issues with issuer-protocols 

None at the time of preproduction release Kiev

Issues with screen readers

BIDW-2597 NVDA reports text as text field
BIDW-2599 NVDA repeats information which is no longer present
NFOI-615 Screen readers that only reads the title attribute will have problem differencing between Employee BankID and Personal BankID
NFOI-599 Inconsistent focus placement at Multi document signing creates problems for screen readers.
NFOI-598 The "Next button for signing documents is not always possible to get hold of in screen browser Window-Eyes
NFOI-605 Windows-Eyes and NVDA have problems presenting "Generelt" and "Detaljer" in the certificate details and problems showing what type of BankID that is active when the user has both employee BankID and personal BankID.
NFOI-406 NVDA reads incorrect information.
NFOI-409 TalkBack cache problems causes the read out to be different from what is being presented visually. Restart the browser to work around the problem.
NFOI-430 The Window-Eyes version 8.4 often crashes when being used together with IE 11. Upgrade to Window-Eyes version 9.2 or newer.

Issues with legacy clients

End of life after Espoo production release.

Issues with BankID J/C-server

NFOI-997 BID 2.1 Multisign fails with older versions of BankID C Server and new NetsVA

Issues with client-proxy

None at the time of preproduction release Kiev