Information to suppliers regarding the merger between BankID Norge, Vipps and BankAxept

It is our pleasure to announce that the merger between BankID Norge, Vipps and BankAxept has approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance. The green light has been given by the Norwegian Competition Authority and the Ministry of Finance. That means we are now one single company with the intention of creating one common administrative organization to offer better and broader services to our customers and partners. We look forward to working together and creating the best user experiences. The companies will merge officially on 01 July.

The merger has created the largest electronic payment and identification verification operator in the Nordic region. The combined innovative force of all three companies means we can create even better and more cost-effective solutions for customers and partners. And it's happening even faster than we could have predicted: We aim to deliver the world's leading ID solutions and we are working to make certain that Norway becomes the first country to verify identification without using usernames and passwords. We aim to make smart-payments available in all payment situations, and we will develop even easier, safer and more cost-effective solutions for our customers.

What does this mean for our suppliers?

In practical terms, the supplier contracts will not change to any significant degree. The only change is that suppliers must relate to a new company name (VBB AS) and a new enterprise registration number (918 713 867) as of 01 July. The following formal steps will occur as of 01 July:

  • All agreements are automatically transferred unchanged to the merged company. For BankID and BankAxept suppliers, this means you will see the name of a new company as your contractual party.
  • The company name will be formally changed to VBB AS (until further notice).
  • The enterprise registration number will be 918 713 867. The old enterprise registration number for BankAxept AS and BankID Norge AS is no longer valid.

Suppliers who shall issue invoices to us must change the name and registration number to VBB AS and 918 713 867 as of 01 July. See the detailed description of the preferred invoicing method and new billing address.

If you have any questions about what this means for your cooperation with either BankID Norge, Vipps or BankAxept, please get in touch with your contact person at these companies.

Detailed description of invoices to be sent to VBB AS

VBB AS wants to ensure effective processing of invoices and reduce the use of conventional paper/mail. Our preferred invoice submission method is described below.

 1. EHF Invoice

VBB AS is registered with ELMA to receive electronic invoices in the standard EHF Electronic Invoice format, so we would prefer to receive invoices in the EHF format.

2. E-mail reception of invoices

If you do not have the opportunity to send us invoices via the EHF format, we ask that invoices/credit notes be sent to:

Prerequisites for using e-mail:       

  1. Each file (attachment) of the e-mail should contain one (1) invoice plus any specifications to that invoice
  2. The specification must come as a separate attachments and will be processed as a separate document. It will not be compiled with the invoice for interpretation
  3. Attachments that include multiple invoices will be processed as one (1) voucher
  4. The file name of the attachment must not contain special characters or the Scandinavian letters æ, ø or å 
  5. The attachment file extension must be .pdf or .tif. Other file types are not accepted.
  6. E-mails with a link to the invoice will not be processed
  7. It is not possible to merge multiple files into a single .zip file
  8. The maximum size of an attachment is 15 MB

The submitter will receive an e-mail that confirms acceptance.

 3. Billing address for conventional mail

If you do not have the opportunity to send your invoice via EHF or e-mail, we ask that you change the billing address to:


c/o Fakturamottak

Postboks 4523

8608 MO I RANA

Regardless of the manner of submission:

  • Customer name, contact person and any project name: all must be clearly stated on the invoice. The failure to include these may result in additional charges.
  • Only invoices/credit notes with correct attachments should be sent to the billing address.
  • Order confirmations, requisitions, contracts, advertising, good-delivery vouchers etc. shall be sent to our business/delivery/e-mail addresses.
  • It is important that you follow our guidelines to ensure proper invoice processing and timely payment.