BankID Norway and Encap pioneers next generation digital ID tech

Encap Security and BankID Norway today released a pilot-app that delivers frictionless and flexible user experience through next generation authentication. Instead of using an extra device to authenticate, customers will only need the service provider app and their BankID-password to access services. 

The pilot-app Smarter Authentication was developed to show what the BankID user experience of the future will look like. The target groups are developers, integrators, merchants who either use BankID or are interested in doing so, to provide their customers with a simple yet secure on-boarding and authentication process. The pilot-app provides a sneak peak into the new BankID-solution in pre-production.

“We invite merchants and integrators of BankID to experience simpler, more flexible and secure multi-factor authentication which eliminates the additional codes and pieces of hardware that often frustrate users, months before the release this autumn,” says Frode Beckmann Nilsen, Head of Development at BankID Norway.

BankID-release this autumn – banks decide when to on-board their apps

This autumn BankID will release the changes in the infrastructure that makes BankID more flexible. Once banks have integrated and launched the technology with their apps and other services, BankID customers will be able to enjoy this new user experience. Some banks such as SpareBank1 and Danske Bank already have apps in the market that can be easily enabled for use with the enhanced BankID offering.

“We want to make sure we remain ahead of the curve by creating a new experience - dropping the need to carry around key fobs or copy and paste from another app – while also ensuring the highest security standards,” says Nilsen.

“BankID is an incredibly popular, highly advanced system that makes signing up to and using multiple services across Norway simple and easy,” said Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO, Encap Security. “With Norwegians increasingly accessing information and transacting on their smart devices BankID needs to evolve to deliver the experience users are demanding today, and the capabilities they will expect tomorrow. By adopting a mobile-first approach, BankID will cement Norway’s place as the world leader in digital identity.”

Want a test?
Please contact with name, email address, telephone number and Norwegian Social Security number, and you will be able to test after a couple of days.

Read the press release from Encap