XID launched

xID is a new and simple login solution provided by BankID in Norway. xID allows you to register and log in to websites with one click, without entering usernames, passwords or codes.

1st of February 2018

BankID is still used when you need the highest security. xID enables simple and quick login to services that have lower security requirements and often use usernames and passwords for customer recognition.

Secure and user-friendly

The competition to provide simple login and registration solutions is tough, but xID has the prerequisites for success:

“Our 3.7 million loyal BankID users have great confidence in us. xID is based on BankID's expertise and security. We are proud to offer a Norwegian-developed login service that takes user-friendliness, security and privacy seriously," says Jan Bjerved, CEO of BankID Norway.

9 out of 10 struggle with usernames and passwords

For most people, xID will be more secure and user-friendly than usernames and passwords.

xID eliminates the use of bad passwords and the risk of passwords being compromised.

Remembering usernames and passwords is a challenge for many people: 94% have experienced forgetting them, according to BankID Norway/TNS Kantar. With xID, you do not need to remember anything. When we asked if xID was a solution people wanted to use, 74% answered yes.

xID websites are coming soon

xID has been developed in close dialogue with businesses; Storebrand, Fana Sparebank, Vega SMB/Asker Municipality and Dagens Næringsliv. Some of these aim to be among the first websites with xID login, for chat services, user pages, custom offers and form completion.

About xID

  • A new service for easy login and registration from BankID Norway, the company behind BankID.
  • BankID is still used when the highest security is required.
  • A BankID is required to set up xID.
  • Provides faster, more secure and user-friendly login than usernames and passwords.
  • Will soon enable optional storage of contact data in BankID, making it easy to fill out forms.