Scams via sms

Many are currently receiving a SMS instructing them to secure their BankID. This is false, do not click the link. We never send texts containing links.

Secure your BankID?

Scammers tries to trick you into providing login details such as PIN, personal password and other codes. In the past period many have received a SMS telling them to "secure your BankID". This is pure scam. In the text it says that your BankID is blocked, and that you need to press a certain link to fix the problem. Do not press the link!

If you have any doubts regarding the inquiry you received is real or fake, please contact your bank through ordinary channels first. Neither banks, police or BankID will ask you to provide login information over phone, via SMS or e-mail.

Never state BankID secrets over phone, be it your bank or the police. If scammers access your information, the next thing happening is that your account is emptied.