A record number of people have downloaded the BankID App

Many have now learned that BankID on mobile will be phased out in favor of the new BankID app. At the same time, many still wonder how to actually get started and which app to use. In this article we answer the most frequently asked questions related to the transition.

2.1 million Norwegians have so far started using BankID through app. 1.1 million Norwegians have used the BankID app, while 1 million use the apps from SpareBank 1, Nordea, which work in the same as the BankID app.

- We have seen an enormous increase in the number of downloads in the last couple of weeks, which indicates that many people have noticed that several banks have started phasing out BankID on mobile. In some media it was also stated that BankID on mobile will disappear on September 1st, but fortunately this is not the case. BankID on mobile will not disappear overnight, and most people will have access to the service for quite some time to come. In addition, the code unit will of course remain an option, says Jan Bjerved, head of BankID at BankID BankAxept AS.

However, as part of the phasing out most banks have now stopped new activations of BankID on mobile. This entails that those who plan to change telecom operator or buy a new mobile phone where they have to change their SIM card, will lose access to the service - because it is linked to the mobile phone's SIM card. People in this situation is advised to download and activate the app before switching.

In recent weeks, several customers have contacted their bank because they are unsure what applies to them when they want to use the BankID app or the banks' own code apps. The banks are working as quickly as they can to help customers who have questions about the transition. Perhaps the answers below can save many people a phone call?

Frequently asked questions about BankID through app: 

Which app should I use? 

All Norwegian banks offer an app solution for BankID. Nearly 100 banks in Norway offers the BankID app, while others have their own alternative app for BankID. If your BankID originates from SpareBank1 or Nordea you have to use their own app. It works the same way as the BankID app, and covers the same needs. 

How do I get started with BankID through app?

Make the app easier to use by allowing notifications.

Do I lose access to BankID on mobile when I start using the app? 

No, you will not lose access to BankID on mobile by using the app, and you can choose freely which solution to use to identify yourself. The vast majority of people will have access to BankID on mobile for quite some time, unless they change telecom operator or buy a new mobile phone where a change of SIM card is needed.

I am not able to activate the BankID app. What should I do? 

First, check whether you have received your ordinary BankID (the code unit) from a bank that supports the BankID app. If your unit originates from SpareBank 1 or Nordea  you need to use their own app for BankID. 

Second, check if your ordinary BankID is still active (with code unit and password). If you have not used your code unit in a long time, it may have expired. You are able to see whether it is active or not in the overview at "My BankID" on Bankid.no. Without an active BankID with code unit you are not able to activate the app, and you will need to order a new one through your bank.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do? 

The password in question is the one you use together with your code unit. If you have forgotten it, a new one can be ordered through your bank. If you have entered the wrong password too many times, your BankID will be blocked. Reach out to your bank to get it reopened.

How do I use the BankID app? 

Once you have activated the BankID app it is ready for use. The next time you are on a website where you need to identify by using BankID, you choose "BankID" instead of "BankID on mobile". Then select "BankID-app" as your method. You will then receive a notification on your phone that needs to be approved. If you have an Apple phone you can press and hold your finger on the notification and accept without having to open the app. In the next and final step you enter your BankID password. 

NB! We have received feedback that some believe that they have to perform an ID check in the BankID app before they can start using it. ID check is an additional service, and you do not have to do it to use the app.