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BankID on mobile will soon be replaced. Bet going with the app.

BankID on mobile is gradually being phased out in favor of the new app. The phasing out takes place to give users an even simpler BankID experience. The app will provide more relevant information the secure users, and the ambition is for more people to be able to use BankID throughout their entire lives. 

Download the BankID app or the code app from your bank to be ready for a better and more future-oriented user experience. 

Many Norwegians have already made the switch to the new app, launhed in 2020. 

After BankID on mobile gradually will be phased out starting autumn 2022, the app and the physical code unit will be the only available BankID alternatives. The modernisation of BankID with the transition to the app will enable us to offer more services that provide added value for users, as well as adapting the solution to new requirements and demands coming in the future. 

Plans gradual phasing out from the summer  

The first step of the phasing out is to stop for new BankID on mobile activations. According to the plan, this will take place between September and November. To ensure the smoothest possible transition, we recommend downloading the app as soon as you are notified by your bank. If you lose your mobile, change your mobile operator or get a new SIM card after new activations are stopped, you will not be able to activate BankID on mobile again. Then you will have to select the new app or the code unit as an alternative. BankID on mobile will still work for those who have the service activated. 

Has your BankID expired? 

To be able to activate the new app, you must have a valid BankID certificate from your bank. Many people are unaware of the fact that BankID on mobile and the BankID certificate are not the same. Faithful BankID on mobile users may therefore experience that their BankID certificate has expired if they have not used the code unit for a long time, and that they as a consequence are not allowed to activate the BankID app. You can check if you have an active BankID by logging in to My BankID at the top right of If you do not have a BankID certificate, you must order this through your bank well in advance, as some delivery time should be expected. 

Remember your BankID password! 

After activating the app, you will need your BankID password to be able to access it. If you have forgotten your password, you must order a new BankID password through your bank. Read more about how this is done on your bank's website. 

Advantages of the app: 

  • During autumn, app users will have a lightening fast BankID experience with face recognition, fingerprint or PIN. While today's solution takes approx. 30 seconds logging in, the new BankID app will take approx. 10 seconds. 
  • It is easier to activate the BankID app when getting a new phone with the app on your old phone. 
  • The BankID app provides a safe experience through clear dialogue regarding which user site that wants to use BankID.
  • The BankID app will eventually be filled with various functions that are useful to users.  
  • BankID on mobile has its limitations, especially when it comes to signing. The BankID app supports more use cases than BankID on mobiel. 
  • The service has no cost for end users - it only requires data traffic, which also makes the service more stable. 

How to get started with the BankID app 

  • Download the BankID app.
    From App Store or Play Store 
    (requires iOS 12/Android 6 or newer). 
  • Activate the app. 
    You choose whether you want to activate using BankID or BankID on mobile. In some banks you can also activate with codes via SMS and e-mail. See which banks here.

  • Allow notifications. 
    Allowing notifications will make it easier when using BankID.

Read more about how to get started with the BankID app here.

To use the BankID app

1. Choose BankID, not BankID on mobile 

2. Choose BankID app as the method 

3. Approve notification on your phone (press and hold your finger on the notification to approve at your current site), see how here.

4. Enter your BankID password. Soon there will also be possible to log in by using face recognition, finger print or PIN.