Online shops

Better user experience with BankID
Smart online shops let their customers enter into financing agreements online – simply and securely with BankID. Easier for the customer, easier for the enterprise. You can also be sure who the customer is.

Real estate

Secure bidding with BankID
Smart estate agents make the bidding round simple and efficient by letting the buyers place bids with BankID on their computer or mobile phone. Simple, secure and legally binding.

Car dealers

Safer purchase agreements with BankID
Smart car dealers use BankID. And smart car dealers can rest assured when the transaction takes place using BankID. Safe, secure and legally binding.

Member organisations

Better dialogue with BankID
Organisations and clubs use BankID and BankID on mobile to register new members and providing safe log-in to closed websites. It saves both time and resources.


New electricity subscription with BankID
By using BankID on their computer or mobile phone, customers can switch to your power company simply and securely, without any papers or physical signatures. It could not be any easier.


Simpler and more secure with BankID
More and more people change phone companies online. Easy for the customer, less expensive for the phone companies. When BankID or BankID on mobile is used during the process, there is no doubt about the customer’s identity.

Public administration

BankID makes it easier
Use BankID and BankID on mobile to receive and submit documents to and from public agencies. BankID also gives you access to documents at the highest security level.

Banking and insurance

Simple and secure with BankID
The banks have developed BankID and actively use it to simplify day-to-day processes for their customers. It is used for identification, signing loan agreements, buying fund units and for secure delivery of documentation.

Your enterprise!

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