BankID with facial recognition, fingerprint or PIN - a faster and more affordable BankID for most purposes.

Easy for the customer, secure enough for most purposes

BankID at the highest level of security is the safest choice when entering into large loan agreements and important contracts.

For almost everything else, BankID with biometrics is sufficient. BankID with biometrics at a substansial level can be used when your business needs strong customer authentication (SCA) in accordance with PSD2.

For your customers, logging in is lightning fast. They log in with facial recognition, fingerprint or PIN in a snap, the same login they use when opening their phone normally. Biometrics never leave the device, and if biometrics fail, the PIN will be available.

Advantages of BankID with biometrics

Customer experience

  • Super-fast BankID with facial recognition, fingerprint or PIN code.
  • BankID with a password will be triggered if the user does not have BankID with biometrics or when we see a risk of fraud.

For your business

  • Quick identification of customers in accordance with the requirements for strong customer authentication.
  • Fewer interrupted logins and transactions.
  • Biometric pricing for all logins, regardless of whether users have activated biometrics or not.

Pricing and documentation

The service can be implemented in businesses before it is launched for end users.
BankID with biometrics (Substansial) costs from NOK .85 per transaction.
Partners may have different prices. See documentation for developers.

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