Customer control of companies

With BankID AML you can identify and confirm customer information through firm certificates and information from various sources, both to determine information about the company and important roles in the company.

You may save both time and manual labour by gathering all information automatically through the same tool you use for individual search organization.

The search contains:

  • Basic information about the company.
  • Signing rights and procurations
  • Roles in the company (chairman, CEO, board members, etc.)
  • RRH, based on the shareholder register.
  • Financial information. 
  • Firm certificate.
  • Sanctions on the company.
  • The different registeres the company are registered in. 

This information can be utilized in several ways:

- It can be stored directly into your customer relation management system. 

- You can verify information reported by the customer.

- You can assist your customer in delivering information by pre-filling the document from BankID AML and then allowing them to correct and verify.