Customer control of private customers

With BankID AML you can identify and legitimize a person digitally without having to meet in person. At the same all required information to perform the customer control will be collected by the tool called individual search person.
This tool allows you to legitimize the customer swift and effectively. Thus, you do not need to use unecessary time on collecting data from various sources.
The search contains:
  • Proof of electronic identification.
  • Full name.
  • Birth number.
  • Publicly registered address.
  • Results from Trapet's Norwegian PEP list. The list also contains close family members and known co-workers of the PEP. The list is updated after the Money Laundering Act was introduced. 
  • Results from EU's sanction list.
  • Results from UN's sanction list.
  • Possibility for results from the OFAC list.
  • Documentation that the search is conducted, also when there are not results in any of the lists.

Other contents on its way:

  •  Citizenship and place of birth.