Guide for testers

Welcome to our test lab at BankID. HereĀ“s a guide to get started with BankID Substantial and how to report issues and give feedback.

Now we want you to identify bugs and UX-problems with the new product BankID Substantial before we scale up. When scaling the product will face a wide variety of devices and browsers, and even though the solution has been tested by Vipps, a pilot will greatly contribute to a better understanding of the issues potentially impacting end users.

The scope of the pilot is to test all functionality that will later be released and scaled (version 1). This includes onboarding, authentication and payment confirmation. 

For the pilot to be successfull we aim to onboard 1000 users! We are gratueful that you are one of them.

How to sign up

  • Download app from AppStore/Google Play (lenker)
  • Activate BankID App
  • Unhide secret button to start onboarding of BankID Substantial via special gesture
  • Go through registration flow
  • Report outcome (success/problems) (where?)

Task 1: Log on to a webpage on the phone ( - log in to My BankID)

  • Visit merchant page - choose to log in to My BankID on the phone where BankID-app is installed
  • Authenticate (with BankID Substantial)
  • Report outcome (success/problems) (where?)

Task 2: Log on to a webpage on desktop

  • Visit merchant page - My BankID on a desktop device
  • Authenticate 
  • Report outcome (success/problems) (where?)

Task 3: Payment with BankID Substantial

  • Visit merchant page XXX on a desktop device
  • Authenticate a payment
  • Report outcome (success/problems) (where?)