How to get BankID


1.  Contact us

Contact us and we will help you. We are happy to have an informal conversation or non-binding meeting with you to discuss your needs and possible solutions. We can also refer you to our partners if necessary.

2. Our advise

BankID can unlock anything that requires a key. At least on the internet. It is really up to innovative people like yourself. What our customers have in common, is a drive to make things simpler, safer, more secure and more accessible by using BankID. Signing with BankID is as valid, an safer than a manueal signature.

3. Contact a partner

Our partners are experts in BankID and digitalisation. They have ‘off-the-shelf’ products but can also deliver customised solutions or APIs so that you can have BankID in the way that suits you best.

4. Launch

Our partners will help you with the whole process from implementing to launch. Then your business can digitize all processes and have a safer and easier life. 

Do it yourself?

Have you already identified a need for increased digitalisation? Do you have the technical know-how to implement BankID yourself?