We are proud to present our BankID partners. Our partners consists of both resellers and facilitators that can help you reach your strategic goals, and offer customers products and services in new and innovative ways.

In addition to extensive BankID knowledge our partners also offer innovative solutions and complementary products and services for you as a customer. Whether you are interested in specific industry solutions, add-ons, APIs, standardized apps or consulting - our partners are at your service. 




Ambita specialises in property information. The company offers digital identification and signing of documents relating to buying and selling property using BankID.
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Assently offers solutions for electronic signatures and identity. A web portal, turn-key solutions for integrations and a REST API for deeper integrations. By using their federated identity service you can combine multiple countries eIDs.
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Criipto (previously Grean) 

Criipto offers "BankID as a service". The implementation can be done within a few hours to a day. You have full control through their simple web interface, where you also can follow the number and distribution of logins. With customers from the insurance industry and a competent team of consultants, Criipto is ready to help you and your company get started.
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CSign is a digitization platform built for digitizing and utomating business processes, especially focusing on eSignature-solutions. CSign offers out-of-the-box customizable solutions for electronic signatures and agreements. CSign also offers BankID and BankID AML as a service with the product GII. GII is a digital ID-hub built on the OpenID Connect standard. With Gll you get access to digital IDs and data sources from many countries (address, PEP and Sanction lists).

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Evry has worked closely with BankID and Norwegian banks since 2003. In addition to banking and finance services, Evry provides solutions and applications for authentication and signing using BankID.
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Idfy (previously

Idfy offers a set of REST APIs that makes integration with your websites, apps or business systems (ERP, CRM etc.) easier. The company also offers an "off the shelf" portal that enables electronic signatures to documents and forms.
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Invenia offers products that uses advanced encryption to ensure safe interaction on the Internet. The company are experts within secure collaboration, secure storage and secure file sharing.
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Moo Gruppen AS
Moo Gruppen works with leading players in the real estate industry as well as bank players in the Nordic market and has experience with authentication, signing, login and AML via BankID. The company consists of employees with extensive experience in integration, consulting, design and development. We operate and maintain technical solutions and can offer business development in the process. Our customers often have complex wishes and requirements for high quality. Our solutions are designed to convert on the basis of good UI / UX design to ensure good customer journeys.
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For more than 20 years, Nets has helped enterprises in the Nordic market with eID solutions. The company works with BankID for large and small customers in a number of different industries.
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Signant provides a service that can be used to exchange and sign electronic documents. It can be used to create integrations for signing electronic documents using BankID from the customers’ own websites or through Signant’s portal.
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Signicat is a leading European company in electronic identity management and signature solutions. Signicat has introduced BankID for a number of enterprises in Norway, both private and public.
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Systor Vest 

Stavanger-based company with history from 2000. Integration and mobilte technology with focus on competance and stability.  Offers both APIs and implementation.
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Verified provides a simple and secure service for digital contract signing using BankID for a number of industries. Verified can be used as a web-based solution or be integrated with the enterprise’s CRM system.
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WTW provides user-friendly mobile solutions for tickets and payment. It has developed and operates HelseRespons, a solution that facilitates dialogue between patients and more than 800 medical centres.
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Zignsec is an identity service provider; offering merchants online services to verify the true identity of their customers. Zignsec operate across Europe and have a special focus on regulated business that are bound under AML and similar regulation. They offer a variety of different tools to identity customers including BankID, scanning of passport, id-card and driver licence, advanced register services and many more. Everything to help automate registration and KYC-flows.

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Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria delivers a variety of digitalisation and modernisation programs for public and private sectors. Sopra Steria is involved in PKI based projects, and with their experience in authentication and signature across organisations and businesses, Sopra Steria demonstrates expertise in both delivery and consulting regarding the use of BankID, ID-porten and Altinn. Sopra Steria has extensive experience in the operation, integration and development of payment solutions for a variety of businesses in Norway, including banks, payment service providers and Vipps.
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Digitroll has designed and developed web solutions for companies in Norway as well as abroad since the 1990s and is today among the country's leading communication agencies. The company supplies both "off the shelf" and tailoring.

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ITverket assist customers within both public and private sector, with projects either as part of the client's development team or by taking responsibility for the entire project delivery.

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Kantega has wide range of expertise, interests and personalities. The company does projects for BankID and their customers related to implementation, integration, development and consulting. Kantega also hold courses related to the implementation of BankID.

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Knowit can help you all the way from idea to implementation. The company specialize in application development, application management and integration. In addition, they have implemented several of the largest Norwegian IT-projects on mobile platforms.

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Other partners

Posten Signere

The signing service from Posten is a common service for governmental organizations and companies. The service gives residents and customers the opportunity to sign documents electronically. 
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