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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get BankID on my website?

    All companies can utilize BankID for secure identification of customers online, to digital signing of deals between companies or customers, and to perform necessary customers controls. We have certain traders that sell BankID. Start by choosing your preferred service and see how you get started. hvordan du kommer i gang

  • Can I sign digitally on behalf of the company?

    Yes! In the same way you are signing on behalf of your company with pen and paper today, you can also use your personal BankID to sign electronically. A digital signature is considered equal with your fysical one. Therefore, if you have the rights to sign on behalf of your company today, you are able to do it digitally with BankID as well.

  • What does a business/user site that currently uses BankID need to do to start using BankID with biometrics?

    Contact the dealer from whom you purchase BankID or contact us via the contact form.

  • Why should a business customer switch from the current BankID (High) to BankID with biometrics?

    Biometrics are a fast and secure eID with a trust level suitable for daily tasks. High also has a password and is self-declared at the highest assurance level.

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