Which companies are BankID AML relevant for?

BankID AML is directed towards companies that needs to report in terms of the Money Laundering act.
These companies are imposed to take measures to counteract terror financing and money laundering. Many companies experience difficulties and time consuming processes when trying to implement measures.

This product is only sold to companies in need of reporting, and this limitation is based on treatment of sensitive information.

BankID AML/Vipps acts as 

Bedrifter som er rapporteringspliktige har behandlingsgrunnlag for å hente og lagre bestemte opplysninger om kunden. Vipps/BankID AML opptrer som databehandler for bedriftene og har derfor behandlingsgrunnlag å distribuere opplysningene. Vi har ikke noe grunnlag for å formidle de samme opplysningene til bedrifter som ikke selv har et behandlingsgrunnlag.

Companies that have to report are listed in paragraph §2f of the law:

  • banks
  • credit and financing
  • Norges Bank 
  • e-money businesses and currencies
  • payment businesses and others with rights to provide payment services
  • investment firms and securities
  • insurance
  • securities register
  • businesses in depot
  • management of alternative investment funds
  • låneformidlingsforetak
  • revision and accounting
  • lawyers
  • real estate agents
  • virksomhetstjenester
  • gambling services

Er du usikker på om din bedrift er rapporteringspliktig? Ta kontakt med oss eller med en jurist!