Leaseplan wanted to provide an easy and secure way to lease a car privately. The solution was signing with BankID.

With 43,000 cars on the road in Norway, Leaseplan is Norway’s largest market operator in car administration and leasing. When the company set out to achieve its ambition of increasing its share of the private car leasing market in 2014, BankID was an important component.

‘We started using online signing of leasing agreements about a year ago. In practice, 100% of our private customers today sign their leasing contracts using BankID. It is simple, secure and provides clear advantages both for us and our customers,’ says Lars E Grønland, head of the business development department at Leaseplan.

It is simple and efficient, since we receive correct information about the customer straight away. It is also secure, both for us and our customers. People are familiar with using BankID, so there is a low threshold, even for people of an advanced age.

Lars E Grønland, head of the business development department at Leaseplan.

Leaseplan’s growth in the private leasing market was over 80% last year. While Leaseplan has traditionally had an abundance of large ‘fleet contracts’ with larger companies for a certain number of cars, individual agreements on private leasing now make up the greatest volume.

‘When it comes down to choosing a car and delivery times, it is still important for us to have direct contact with our customers. But BankID provides a far easier, faster and more secure method of entering into and signing the actual leasing agreement. The process is faster and the customers are happier,’ says Grønland, and adds:

‘When you have thousands of contracts that are signed annually, it goes without saying that signing with BankID means less administrative work for us. Neither we nor our customers miss the contracts on paper,’ he says.

BankID is not only used to sign contracts with Leaseplan, but also to verify the identity of customers who download and create an account on Leaseplan’s app.

Private leasing is growing, and an important part of our job is to make things easier for our customers. BankID is a key aspect in achieving this goal.

Lars E Grønland, head of the business development department at Leaseplan.

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