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Digipost has seen a tripling of logins using BankID in the past year. Improved accessibility and user friendliness lead to more and happier customers.

With BankID on mobile, you can collect your post in Digipost, without a security token or similar gadget. Digipost is free for everyone over the age of 15, and more than 600,000 people have registered as users so far.

For us, using new and user-friendly digital solutions was a rational economic choice. Increased user friendliness leads to fewer enquiries and greater customer satisfaction. It was therefore natural for us to give our customers the option of logging in using BankID on mobile.

Martin Koksrud Bekkelund, CTO at Norway Post.

Digipost was quick to allow users to log in using BankID and BankID on mobile. ‘It also means that letters at the highest security level, such as test results from hospitals, government agencies and other confidential correspondence, can be read in Digipost by logging in with BankID or BankID on mobile,’ says Bekkelund. With the flexibility and accessibility that BankID on mobile provides, you can log in to Digipost and read all kinds of letters, whether you are at home, on the bus or on holiday. The security element is stored on the SIM card, and you log in without security tokens or code cards. ‘All 275,000 inhabitants of Bergen can now access all their correspondence with the local authorities via Digipost, while 2,500 enterprises are using the service and the entire public sector is next in line. The ambition is sending all correspondence electronically from 2017. We expect a large increase in the coming year, with more players entering the field,’ says Bekkelund.

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