Sunset cancelled

The industry feared mass closures. The sunbed salon chain Brun og Blid solved this challenge by using BankID on mobile.

The nationwide chain Brun og Blid receives over six million visits a year to its 140 sunbed salons. The introduction of new and stricter rules on age verification in 2016 meant that Brun og Blid had two choices:

To employ manual attendants at all the salons, or to develop a safe and secure digital solution that ensures that the customers are over 18 years of age. Brun og Blid chose the latter and developed a new app in which BankID is a central component.

We used BankID on mobile to verify that our customers are over 18, a factor that has been a key challenge. This means that when customers download the app and create an account, we also receive definite confirmation of their age.

Thorbjørn Frantzen, Managing Director of Brun og Blid.

When the new and stricter age requirements were introduced, many predicted mass closures in the sector.

‘Developing solid digital solutions requires investment. But in retrospect, this is probably another example of how creative use of new technology generates new possibilities, not restrictions,’ says Frantzen.

Brun og Blid expects close to 300,000 users of the app during the course of 2017. In addition to secure age verification and purchase of sunbed sessions, the app also replaces the need to handle coins, which is a significant cost driver in the industry.

We see this is a win-win situation, both for us and the customers. The customers receive 20% more sunbed time when purchased in the app, we have a good communication channel with our customers, cash is phased out, and the challenges related to age verification are solved in an expedient manner.

Thorbjørn Frantzen, Managing Director of Brun og Blid.

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