Unfortunately, we are experiencing some issues with the stability in the BankID services during peak hours. If you have problems logging in using BankID with app or code device, please wait a few minutes and try again or try to log in using BankID on mobile. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. We are working hard to solve the issue as soon as possible and there is no need to reach out to your bank.

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BankID with app replaces the code unit. With app you get a faster and better BankID.

Safe. Secure.Easy.

BankID makes everything easier. Whether you are identifying or signing, BankID is the most useful electronic identification in Norway. With BankID you can always tell who you are. When signing a purchase contract, submitting bids for housing or signing a binding agreement, you do not need to meet personally or to send documents in the mail.

How BankID works

BankID is an electronic credential for secure identification and signing on the web. Instead of ballpoint pen, passport and paper, you can use regular BankID with code unit or app or BankID on mobile.

Bankid with code unit or app

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BankID on mobile

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