Whether you are using BankID for identification or signing, it is the most versatile electronic identification solution in Norway. BankID makes just about everything easier: whether you are signing a purchase contract, placing a bid for a house or signing documents, there is no need to appear in person or send the documents by post. With BankID, you can always verify who you are, whether you are using the security token or BankID on mobile.

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‘We used BankID on mobile to verify that our customers are over 18, a factor that has been a key challenge. This means that when customers download the app and create an account, we also receive definite confirmation of their age.’

Thorbjørn Frantzen, Managing Director of Brun og Blid.

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Your bank provides you with BankID. If you don’t have BankID, please contact your bank and they will help you. Want BankID on mobile? Log into your online banking service and order it from there. Having problems with BankID? Let us try to help you!

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318 things you can use BankID for

BankID is used to log into all Norwegian banks. But BankID also gives you simple and secure access to a number of other digital services – from booking a sunbed session, joining an organisation, signing documents for bidding rounds and making payments online.

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