BankID with app or code unit

With BankID, you identify by using your social security number along with a code snippet or app and the personal password you have chosen to access your BankID.

Your BankID works in all Norwegian banks and most public services. In addition to banking, you can use BankID for both electronic signature and identification on a wide range of services. 

Do you not have a BankID? 

BankID is provided by your bank. In most banks there is a 15-year limit, but in some banks you get BankID when you are 13 years old. In order for you to get BankID, you must legitimize for the bank you wish to issue BankID for you. The bank will inform and assist you if you have questions.

Banks offer different ways to make one-time codes. There may be code units or apps. Your bank will provide you with what you need to get started with BankID.