The first Norwegian customers were issued a BankID in 2004. At that time, the Norwegian banking sector had been working for four years on developing a joint infrastructure. Today 4.3 million Norwegians have a BankID. BankID is used by all the country‚Äôs banks, public digital services and an increasing number of enterprises in a wide range of sectors. 


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The history. So far.

Electronic identification using BankID meets the official requirements that apply to identity verification and binding electronic signature. BankID is used by all the banks in Norway and can be used by all organisations and enterprises that are looking for secure and simple identification online.

Work on developing BankID as a joint infrastructure started in 2000, and the first customers got BankID in 2004. In 2014, BankID Norway AS was established. In 2018 BankID merged with Vipps and BankAxept in order to improve product offering and prepare for competition against global tech firms

Your digital ID

You. Digitally. BankID is a personal and simple electronic ID for secure identification. In the physical world, you can use your passport, driving licence or bank card to verify your identity. In the electronic world, you can use BankID.

Your digital signature

Simple. Secure. BankID is a simple electronic ID for secure signing online. In the physical world, you use a ballpoint pen to sign a contract. In the electronic world, you can use BankID to sign documents and notifications online.


  • 11.10.2021 kl. 16.19 Watch out for scammers
  • 30.06.2021 kl. 16.12 Mobilepay, Pivo and Vipps join forces

    Use of the mobile wallets MobilePay, Pivo and Vipps is growing rapidly as mobile payments and e-commerce skyrocket. To further increase our competitiveness in the European payments market and at the same time be able to offer better solutions for people and businesses, we have agreed to merge with both MobilePay and Pivo, to create one strong mobile wallet.

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If you would like to use BankID in your business processes, please read more about the service and how to get started.