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  • 14.11.2022 kl. 16.14 Stay protected against BankID fraud by following these advises

    When BankID communicates with the public and makes changes to its products and services, there is always someone who tries to take advantage of it. For example, have you ever received an SMS telling you to open a link because your BankID has allegedly been blocked? Well, such inquiries are attempts at fraud and something you must be aware of.

  • 12.09.2022 kl. 13.41 A record number of people have downloaded the BankID App

    Many have now learned that BankID on mobile will be phased out in favor of the new BankID app. At the same time, many still wonder how to actually get started and which app to use. In this article we answer the most frequently asked questions related to the transition.

  • 20.07.2022 kl. 11.23 Get started with the new app

    BankID on mobile will soon be replaced. Bet going with the app.

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