Examples of areas of use

Public sector websites

BankID and BankID on mobile can be used to log into practically any public sector website – at the highest security level. That means everything from Altinn.no, NAV.no, helsenorge.no and skatteetaten.no, in addition to municipal and county authority websites.

Online shops

Many online shops use BankID to verify payments or for login to customer pages. It is also easy to become a customer of online shops using BankID.

Real estate

BankID is used by estate agents as a secure tool for bidding, and by landlords for quick and simple signing of tenancy agreements.

Member orgaisations

Many organisations and clubs use BankID to register and authenticate members, and to give members access to closed pages. Coop members can log in using BankID or BankID on mobile.

Trading and service

Many commercial sites use BankID for identification. On the online auction website QXL, you can create a user account using BankID, and in the Brun og Blid app (chain of sunbed salons), you can easily verify that you are 18 using BankID.

Funds and finance

A number of fund managers and financial players facilitate the use of BankID for logging in, buying and selling fund units and establishing financing agreements.

Post and telecommunications

BankID gives you access to secure email in the e-Boks service or Norway Post’s digital mailbox Digipost. You can also report a change of address using BankID.


Changing electricity suppliers does not have to be complicated. Many companies let you change electricity supplier simply and securely with BankID.