BankID App

The BankID app replaces the code chip. With the BankID app, you get a faster and more secure login.

  • Always the code chip in your pocket
  • Increased security against fraud
  • User-friendly solution

The app makes logging in with BankID even easier and more secure. With the app, you can identify yourself without a gadget that gives you codes. You can also use the app if you have an eSIM.

BankID with the app is extra secure because the phone is protected with a code, and because you always receive notification that you must approve. Not least, you have your phone nearby and know instantly when it´s gone.

Not all banks offer customers BankID app, so first check if your bank is ready before downloading.

Download BankID app for iOS or Android (You must have iOS 12 / Android 6 or later).

This is how it works:

1. Choose BankID, not BankID on mobile

2. Select BankID app as method

3. Accept notification on the phone

4. Enter the BankID password. Done!


Identity check

Have you gotten a QR from your bank? Then you can start an ID Check from the BankID App. Get ypur passport ready and follow the instructions in the app.