BankID App will gradually replace bankid on mobile

With the new BankID app, you get a faster and more secure login.

BankID on mobile will be replaced with the BankID app, however not over night. The service is will be phased out step by step, so most people will have access to it for a good while more. The code unit ("kodebrikken") can still be used. 

However, several banks have now stopped to renew BankID on mobile activations. For those who need a new sim card, it is adviced to download and activate the app before getting a new phone or switching operator. Then you have an alternative ready before you lose access to BankID on mobile.

Before activating the app, you must remember this: 

  1. Check if your bank supports the new BankID app  
    The BankID app is already used by almost 100 banks in Norway. However, if you are a customer of SpareBank 1, Nordea or Danske Bank, you need to download their own code app for BankID. These apps works in the same way as the BankID app. See which banks that offer the app here.  

  1. Check if you have an active BankID through "My BankID" in the top right corner on
    If it has been a long time since you have used the code unit, your BankID may have expired. This will appear from the overview at My BankID. Without an active BankID with the code unit, you are not able to activate the app and you need to order a new BankID certificate from your bank. Order it well in advance, as it may take some delivery time. 

    Some users will also experience that they have their ordinary BankID at one bank, and their BankID on mobile through another bank. Then you must check that your ordinary BankID is issued by a bank that supports the app. When you are in the process of activating the app, you may actually experience an error message if your ordinary BankID is issued by a bank that do not support the BankID app.  

  2. Do you remember your BankID password?  

    This is the same password you use together with your code unit. You will need it when using the app. If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one through your bank. Find your bank here, and follow the instructions. If you have entered the wrong password too many times, your BankID will be blocked. If this happens, reach out to your bank to re-open your BankID.

The app can be downloaded here (require iOS 13/Android 6 or newer): 

To activate the BankID app:  

You choose whether you want to activate using BankID or BankID on mobile. In some banks you can also activate through codes on SMS and e-mail. 

Activate with BankID on mobile

Activate with code unit

Activate with code on SMS and e-mail (in some banks)

Remember to allow notifications from the app. This will make it easier to use.

To use the BankID app:  

1. Choose BankID, not BankID on mobile 

2. Choose BankID app as the method 

3. Accept notification on phone. Press and hold your finger on the notification to accept on site.  

4. Enter BankID password. It will soon be possible to log in using face recognition, finger print or PIN.