Get started with the new app

Have you received a notification that your BankID app is outdated? Follow these steps to update and reactivate your BankID app! 

Older versions of the BankID app will soon stop working, and you will need to update the app before you can download and reactivate it. Follow this simple guide to secure a well-functioning app going forward:

1. Update app

You can update the app through App Store on your phone or tablet. Select your profile on the top right hand corner (a head icon) and scroll down until you find the BankID app. You can also utilize the search bar and type "BankID". There you can choose to update the app. 

2. Open app and follow the steps 

When the BankID app is updated (to version 2.2.1), you can open it and follow the instructions to download and reactivate the app. The process takes a couple of minutes. 

3. Delete old app

When you have downloaded and reactivated the app, you can delete the old one that will turn grey with the writing "old" when you click on it. 

That is it! You are now ready to use the app going forward.


Why do I have to do this? 

This is a consequence of BankID now becoming its own entity together with BankAxept. Up until 2022 we were a part of Vipps, which entails that the BankID app has lived in Vipps' developer account in App Store. Now we need to move it into our own developer account, and this is the reason that Apple users need to download and reactivate the app.

Read more about why in this article: Download the BankID app again

Be aware of scam! 

The BankID app is the only place you can commence this process. We will not use SMS, e-mail or phone to inform about this matter. If you receive a request through those channels, it is scam. Remember to never share your BankID details with others. 

If you receive the notification on the app as shown below, it is legitimate. It is sent from the app to remind you of the update, download and reactivation: 

Update push message