Identification with passport and picture

Identification checks are a secure, fast and effective identification process through your phone. You are now able to identify yourself to your bank with passport sitting in your sofa.

ID checks on your phone with passport and face recognition means you do not need to visit your bank in person to prove who you are. The only things you need are a valid passport or national ID card and a smart phone. 

Getting started

After downloading the BankID app you can identify yourself to your bank. The bank usually starts the process, and you will be guided to the right place in your online or mobile bank, either through a button, link or a QR code to scan.

It is also possible to initiate the process yourself from the BankID app. Choose "BankID identity check" from the menu (the three dots in the right hand corner of the app). Now you are ready to scan the QR code provided from your bank - either in the online bank or through the app. That will vary from bank to bank. 

Would you like an easier, safer and faster BankID?

Read more and download the BankID app. Investigate whether you have a bank that offers the app first.