Protection of privacy and status

The website uses cookies for the following:

- Session management for logged-in users (bank employees and partners). The information consists of a unique identifier that is entered when you log in, which means you avoid repeated log-ins within a fixed time period. The identifier cannot be linked to your personal ID number. The information is not shared with other websites.

- Google Analytics, to analyse how users use the website. The information that is generated by the cookie when you use the website, including your IP address, is sent to Google and stored on servers in the USA. Google may also disclose this information to a third party if required by law or in cases where a third party processes the information on behalf of Google. Google will not link your IP address to other information it has about you.

BankID clients

BankID uses cookies if the user has allowed it in their browser. The information is used for tracing and security purposes. In other words, BankID does not rely on cookies and will work without it. 

User behaviour is tracked and analysed in order to prevent fraud. The results of the analyses are disclosed to banks. The behavioural profile is not disclosed to anyone. You will find details about BankID and protection of privacy in your online banking solution (‘Terms and conditions for BankID’).

Websites that use BankID for log-in or signing (e.g. online banking solutions) usually use cookies for session management. Each individual site is responsible for the use of cookies. Contact the site in question for more information.

BankID rules

There are rules regulating BankID, stating who can obtain BankID and which rights and duties that apply for banks and BankID users. The banks using BankID can choose stricter rules regulating BankID if they so wish.

See rules regulating BankID 


Certificate policy for BankID

Here, you’ll find the documents covering certificate policy for the different types of BankID. 

TSPS BankID mobile 

TSPS BankID personal

TSPS BankID Merchant 


Terms and privacy policy for Additional information

Terms for Additional information

Privacy policy for Additional information