Terms and conditions for the use of Additional Information, an additional service used together with BankID and xID, 25th of January 2018.

1.  About Additional information

Additional Information is an optional additional service that can be used together with BankID and xID. Additional Information is a service offered by BankID Norge AS that you can use to fill in forms on merchant sites.

Using Additional Information is voluntary, and it only works together with BankID and xID.

2. Retrieval of personal data

You choose what information you wish to store in Additional Information by entering the data in a form when you start using the service. The information you can choose to store is:

  • Your address
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

You can also choose to import your address and phone number directly into the form from 1881.

Additional Information will also retrieve your Norwegian national identity number from the BankID service.

3. Disclosure of Personal Data

Additional Information gives you complete control of what information you share with which merchants. Every time a user site requests information about you, for example when you fill in a form, you can choose what data to give the merchant.

In other words, for each merchant, you can choose to only share some of your personal data, for example only your email address.

Your Norwegian national identity  number will only be disclosed to merchants that have a legal basis for storing Norwegian national identity number, for example to establish a new customer relationship with a bank. Your Norwegian national identity number can only be shared through the Additional Information service when the service is used together with BankID, not with xID.

4. Processing of Personal Data in Additional Information

We refer to our privacy statement, which describes what personal data we process and why.

5. Terms and Conditions for the use of xID and BankID 

Your use of xID and BankID is regulated by the terms and conditions for these services.

6. Termination of Additional Information. Blocking of Additional Information

Additional Information requires that you have an active BankID. If you no longer have an active BankID, BankID Norge will suspend your Tilleggsinformasjon so that it stops working. If you upon request do not agree to these terms and conditions or any amendments to these implemented in accordance with Clause 8, BankID Norge may block your Additional Information for further use.

7. How to terminate Additional Information 

You can terminate your use of Additional Information at www.bankid.no. Your right to use Additional Information will cease when your notice of termination is received and registered.

If you violate these terms and conditions of use, misuse Additional Information or in the event of other breach of contract on your part, BankID Norge is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.

Data you have chosen to share with merchants will still be saved on these merchants. You can contact the individual merchants if you want the data to be deleted.

8. Changes to Additional Information and Terms and Conditions of Use

Amendments to the terms and conditions that in BankID Norge’s opinion are immaterial may be implemented immediately upon update on Bank ID Norge’s webpages for xID. Amendments to the terms and conditions of any significance to you may be implemented by  BankID Norge by giving a notice one (1) month in advance on BankID Norge’s website for xID. Amendments to the terms and conditions that constitute a material disadvantage for you, or that under applicable law require your express, voluntary consent, will not take effect until you have given such consent.

If you disagree with the terms and conditions or any amendments to these, you are always entitled to terminate your Additional Information agreement with immediate effect pursuant to Clause 7 above.

9.  BankID Norge´s and Your responsibility 

BankID Norge is only liable for your financial loss arising from the use of Additional Information if BankID Norge has acted with negligence and this is the reason for your loss.

Under general legal rules, you may be held liable by BankID Norge for any use of Additional Information that violates the terms and conditions of use.

10. Transfer of Your Additional Information 

BankID Norge is entitled to transfer your agreement on the right to use Additional Information to another company tasked with operating the service.

11. Additional Information is governed by Norwegian Law 

These terms and conditions are supplemented by the Norwegian laws and regulations applicable at all times.