Version 1.0 - 16.01.18.

1. About xID and how it works

xID is developed by BankID Norge AS (BankID Norge) for easy login to and signup of you with merchants (companies or organisations) that offer xID. The service is free of charge.

You choose when you want to become an xID user. You also choose which xID merchants you will use xID for. These merchants will receive the following information about you:

  • Your name (first name, last name)
  • Your date of birth
  • A unique user number (the same for BankID and xID)
  • Your Norwegian national identity number (if the merchant has already registered this information about you)

xID is developed to recognise the devices (computer, tablet and mobile phone) where you have chosen to activate xID. This is enabled by xID placing and reading cookies on these devices. xID also uses a security mechanism that retrieves information about your browser (known as device fingerprint technology) to confirm that the cookies have not been copied or changed. xID will not give anyone access to this information. xID does not collect any information until you have chosen to become an xID user.

xID requires that you have a valid BankID. If xID is unable to recognise you, you will be asked to verify your identity by using BankID. To optimise your use of xID we will also refresh the cookie and device fingerprint when you are using BankID at BankID merchants from the time you have activated xID.

2. Your responsibility for security

Each xID merchant is responsible to ensure that xID is not used if a strict requirement to security and confidence for verifying the person who logs in or signup, apply according to relevant, applicable law or practice.

It is your responsibility to decide whether you want to start using xID with the merchants that offers it, and on what devices you want to activate xID.

To prevent others from gaining access to your data, it is important to securely store the devices that you use xID on. You should also protect such devices by using a screen lock or similar. You should not let others use such devices or have access to them. Do not use xID on a shared computer that many people have access to.

If a device where you have activated xID is stolen or lost, we recommend that you remove xID from the device. Find out how at 

3. Processing of your personal data in xID. Cookies and security data

Please see our privacy policy for descriptions on what personal data, cookies and security data we process, and why we process such data.

4. Termination of xID. Blocking of xID

Provided that BankID Norge has reasonable grounds, BankID Norge may refuse to grant you access to xID.

xID requires that you have an active BankID. If you no longer have an active BankID, BankID Norge will suspend your xID so that it stops working.

If your xID has been or with high probability is expected to be misused or no longer contain the correct information, BankID Norge will ensure that your xID is blocked for further use. If you upon request do not agree to these terms and conditions or any amendments to these implemented in accordance with Clause 6, BankID Norge may block your xID for further use. It may also be blocked due to other reasonable grounds.

5. How to terminate xID

You can terminate your use of xID at Your right to use xID will cease when your notice of termination is received and registered.

If your xID has been blocked for three (3) months, you breach these terms and conditions, misuse xID or in the event of other breach by you, BankID Norge is entitled to terminate the agreement with you with immediate effect.

If you do not consent to changes in the terms and conditions as required under Clause 6 below, BankID Norge is entitled to terminate your xID agreement by giving you written notice three (3) months in advance.

You will still have your user information with the merchants where you have previously used xID. You can contact these merchant directly if you want them to delete information about you.

6. Changes to xID and terms and conditions

Amendments to the terms and conditions that in BankID Norge’s opinion are immaterial may be implemented immediately upon update on Bank ID Norge’s webpages for xID. Amendments to the terms and conditions of any significance to you may be implemented by  BankID Norge by giving a notice one (1) month in advance on BankID Norge’s website for xID. Amendments to the terms and conditions that constitute a material disadvantage for you, or that under applicable law require your express, voluntary consent, will not take effect until you have given such a consent.

If you disagree with the terms and conditions or any amendments to these, you are always entitled to terminate your xID agreement with immediate effect pursuant to Clause 5 above.

7. BankID Norge’s and your liability

BankID Norge is only liable for your financial loss arising from the use of xID, in the case of negligence by  BankID Norge, and provided that the negligence is the reason for your loss.

According to applicable law or practice, BankID Norge may hold you liable for any use of xID in breach of these terms and conditions.

8. Transfer of your xID agreement

BankID Norge may assign its agreement with you for your right to use xID to any other entity taking over the operation of the service.

9. xID is governed by Norwegian law

These terms and conditions are supplemented and governed by the at any times applicable Norwegian laws and regulations.