Step 1

Select "kom i gang".

Step 2

Enter your personal number.

Step 3

Select "code device".

Step 4

Accept login by selecting "next".

Step 5

Enter one-time code from code device and select the arrow.

Step 6

Enter your personal password.

Step 7

Because of safety measures you will now need to wait. When the waiting time passes you will have two hours to complete activation.

Step 8

Allow notifications to be notified when you can return to complete activation.

Step 9

You will receive a SMS stating that the BankID app is getting registered in your name.

Step 10

Press the notification to open the app.

Step 11

Press "continue" to login with BankID one last time. You need to complete activation within two hours after receiving the notification from the app.

Step 12

Enter one-time code from your code device, and press the arrow.

Step 13

Enter personal password for BankID. 

Step 14

Allow notifications.

Step 15

The app is now ready. Next time you are going to use BankID you confirm identification with the app.

Step 16

You will receive a SMS that confirms that the app is activated and ready for use.