Step 1

Download app for iOS or Android.

Step 2

Enter personal number.

Step 3

Chose "Receive activation code" to activate the app with codes via SMS and e-mail. In this case you will not need your code device.

Step 4

Press next.

Step 5

Enter your phone number. Press next.

Step 6

You will receive a SMS with a code that you enter. Press the notification to open the SMS.

Step 7

We will also send two code words on e-mail. Then you enter those in the app. Chose where the codes should be sent.

Step 8

Open e-mail and find mail from bank with code words. Enter the words in the app.

Step 9

Complete a login with the BankID app. Then you are ready. 

Step 10

Select BankID app (New) the first time you use the app.

Step 11

Complete activation with personal password from BankID.

Step 12

Allow notifications.

Step 13

App is now ready for use.