General terms about BankID app

  • How do I log in with the BankID app?

  • How can I get BankID app?

  • Is the app secure?

  • Why do I receive a SMS when I have activated the BankID app with BankID on mobile?

  • I am not able to login to the BankID app

  • What to do if activation of BankID app fails?

  • How can I transfer the BankID app to a new phone?

  • What if other people have access to my phone?

  • Can I activate the app on a phone with a foreign operator?

  • I do not see app as an alternative when logging in?

  • How can I activate BankID with biometrics?

  • Who can receive BankID with biometrics or PIN?

  • Where can I use BankID with biometrics?

  • What decides the security level?

General information about BankID

  • Is BankID safe?

  • Which devices and browsers are supported?

  • Which browsers are not supported?

  • How do I change password?

  • Must I do anything to use BankID?

General Terms for BankID on mobile

  • What is BankID on mobile?

  • Who developed behind BankID on mobile?

  • What can BankID on mobile be used for?

  • What is the difference between regular BankID and BankID on mobile?

  • When can all Norwegian consumers use BankID on mobile?

  • Is there any similar BankID on mobile in other countries?

  • What is the process for using BankID on mobile?

  • What if I need to change phone or SIM card?

  • What to do if activating BankID on mobile fails?

  • When I use BankID on mobile, can I continue to use my regular (bank-stored) BankID to log in to online banking?

  • Can I throw away the bank code chip/code card when I get BankID on mobile?

  • Will I also be able to sign electronically with BankID on mobile?

  • How secure is BankID on mobile?

  • Will my BankID be misused by someone who borrows the phone?

  • What is most secure? Login and identification/authentication with regular (bank storage) BankID or with BankID on mobile?

  • If I use BankID on mobile, will my mobile phone become a target for criminals?

  • If I use BankID on mobile, will it be necessary to secure my mobile phone even more?

  • To what extent is BankID on mobile secured against virus attacks and other malicious attempts to con?

  • How secure is BankID on mobile?

  • Does it create extra vulnerability that sensitive bank information is stored on the mobile in this way?

Order BankID

  • Are there any rules for creating the password?

  • Where do I get BankID?

  • Why should I get BankID?

  • Can youngsters order BankID?

Enable BankID on mobile

  • What are the prerequisites for using BankID on mobile?

  • Who can provide me with BankID on mobile?

Issues with BankID

  • Which browser and operating system versions are not supported?

  • How do I prevent auto-complete BankID password in Firefox 38.0.1?

  • Why does my browser not get a green light?

  • Why do I get error message BID-2031?

  • Why can't I get BankID without Java everywhere?

  • It takes some time. Why?

Problems with using BankID on mobile

  • What can I do if my phone is stolen?

  • What type of PIN can I use?

  • Which phones have challenges?

  • What can I do if activation fails?