Error codes

  • Error code BID-1439 means your BankID is blocked. This can happen if you enter the wrong one time password too many times.

General terms about BankID app

  • How can I get BankID app?

  • How do I log in with the BankID app?

  • Is the app secure?

  • Why do I receive a SMS when I have activated the BankID app with BankID on mobile?

  • I am not able to login to the BankID app

  • What to do if activation of BankID app fails?

  • How can I transfer the BankID app to a new phone?

  • What if other people have access to my phone?

  • Can I activate the app on a phone with a foreign operator?

  • I do not see app as an alternative when logging in?

  • How can I activate BankID with biometrics?

  • Who can receive BankID with biometrics or PIN?

  • Where can I use BankID with biometrics?

  • What decides the security level?

Problems with using BankID on mobile

  • What can I do if activation fails?