I am getting an error message that contact information is incorrect. What's wrong?

The error message about incorrect contact information can appear for various reasons, and can sometimes be a bit misleading. We are looking into how we can improve the error message.

Most people who receive this error message are iPhone or iPad users who are trying to activate an old version of the BankID app.

Try updating the app to the latest version, downloading the new BankID app, or using another method to activate the app.

1.Update the BankID app

If you have the BankID app installed on an iPhone or iPad, check that you have the latest version of the app. You can check if you can update it by going to the App store, selecting your profile at the top, and scrolling down until you find the BankID app. There, you can choose to update the app.

Once the BankID app is updated, you can go back there to complete the activation.

2. Download the BankID app again

For iPhone or iPad users, a new BankID app has been released that replaces the old one. If you have the old app installed, it may help to go to the App store and download the BankID app again. When the new app is downloaded, you can open the new app and go through the activation process there.

3. Use another method for activation

If this is the first time you are downloading the BankID app, activate it in the usual way with BankID with the code unit ("kodebrikken") or BankID on mobile. At some banks, you may get a "contact information" error message when activating with a password via SMS or email. In that case, choose another method until this is resolved. Remember that there is a one-hour waiting period for first-time activation for security reasons.