Why can’t I activate facial recognition/fingerprint in the BankID app?  

This must be in place for you to be able to activate facial recognition/fingerprint in the BankID app:

  • The bank that has issued your BankID offers the BankID app and has made biometric login available (facial recognition/fingerprint). As of today, Nordea and Sparebank1 have their own apps for BankID. You can download the BankID app for iOS and Android here.
  • You must have operating system iOS 14/Android 7 or later
  • You must have facial recognition/fingerprint enabled on your device
  • Your device must not be rooted/jailbroken. Rooting/jailbreaking involves gaining administrative rights to your device. If you receive a message from BankID that the device is rooted/jailbroken and you have not done this yourself, we recommend that you contact those who have sold you the phone or helped you set it up. For some, resetting the device to factory settings helps.