What is BankID?

BankID is a personal and easy electronic credential for secure identification and signing online.

In the physical world, you are identified through your passport, driver's license or bank card. In the online world, you can use your BankID to confirm who you are. In the physical world, you use ballpoint pen when signing a contract. In the online world you will be able to use your BankID to sign documents and messages electronically.

By using your personal registration number, the code you receive from the bank code chip or text message, code card, app, etc. and the personal password you have chosen, provides access to your BankID. 

The bank code chip (or other one-time-code solution) is often taken to be BankID, but BankID is the electronic certificate that is stored centrally at Nets.

The banks have different types of one-time-code solutions. For example, it may be sms, a pre-coded card, an electronic code tag that generates disposable codes, apps, or a card-reader card.

Many people want a solution without a bank code chip. You can then activate BankID on mobile from online banking or use a one-time-code app if the bank has this.