How do I prevent auto-complete BankID password in Firefox 38.0.1?

Firefox 38.0.1 has enabled storage and automatic completion of the BankID password. You can prevent this by answering “no” when there is a question about storing the BankID password as you log in. 

If you have already accepted storing and filling out for the BankID password, you can remove this again.

1. Select Options (Windows) / Preferences (Mac) in the menu.

2. Select "Security" in the menu on the left

3. Press the "Saved Passwords ..." button.

4. Mark the line with and tap "Remove"

5. You must then reenter with BankID and select "Never Remember Password for This Site "when Firefox asks to save the password:

BankID will now be in the exception list in Firefox, and you will not be asked to save your BankID-password again.