Why should I invest in BankID AML if we have similar systems already?

Every customer needs to consider the features of different services to decide if they fulfills demands from the Money Laundering Act and other demands i temrs of GDPR. In terms of PEP lists there are a lot of lit with varying quality. We encourage customers to study the quality and routines to update lists. 

Some customers are worried of the reputational risk attached to the international actors that produces information from different sources with varying quality. We encourage customers to, independent of supplier, have a reflected relationship to the information and where it comes from.

The PEP list we deliver is considered best on market in the Nordics and is maintained by its own editorial staff. A lot of other lists are generated automatically. The sanction lists of our service is owned by the EU commision and the UN Security Council and can therefore be trusted to have a high degree of accountability and transparency. 

PEP-listen vi leverer regnes for å være markedsleder i Norden og vedlikeholdes av en egen redaksjon, mens mange andre lister er automatisk genererte. Sanksjonslistene i vår løsning eies av henholdsvis EU-kommisjonen og FNs sikkerhetsråd og har dermed høy grad av etterrettelighet og transparens.