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Quick. Safe. Easy. You verify your identity using BankID the first time. Afterwards, you may use your xID insteadof entering your username and password when logging in to    websites. You can also use xID to share your contact information with websites of your choosing. All with just the click of a button. Safe, and secured by BankID.

Farewell, username and password!

xID - a new service from BankID Norge

What does xID do for you?

xID is an easy and safe alternative to usernames and passwords. On your mobile phone, computer, or any other device. Use BankID to create your xID, and then you are ready to log in to all websites offering xID with just one click.

How xID works

No more tedious forms

Complete forms in seconds: You can complete online forms with xID – using the contact information you have stored with BankID Norge. First, you complete your contact information with BankID Norge. Then, you use xID to share this information with the websites you want with a single click. You always decide what you want to share. Quick, safe and easy. Comin soon!

Coming soon

Quicker access to your online services

xID means less hassle. Save time by not entering your username and password. You will no longer have to come up with new and complicated passwords, spend time whenever you forget your password, or use the same ones over and over again. xID is secured by BankID, eliminates bad password habits and gives you a safer online experience.