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About us

xID is BankID Norge’s first step towards a future free of bad password habits. BankID has provided secure digital identification since 2004, and currently has more than 3.8 million users in Norway.

BankID Norge is the company offering both xID and BankID. It is owned by the major actors in the Norwegian banking industry. The first customers started using BankID in 2004. The purpose was to develop a common system for secure identification in the banking sector.

Today, more than 3.8 million Norwegians use BankID, and more than one million have BankID on mobile. You can use BankID to verify your identity in all the Norwegian banks, public services and an increasing number of enterprises in various industries.

Now we present xID to you, which eliminates the need for username and passwords on many websites, and also lets you share your contact information with a click - with websites that offer xID and BankID.
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